Our Firm
Castle Cove brings people, capital, and ideas together.

We build long-term relationships.

Our corporate culture reflects our understanding that long-term relationships enhance our expertise and reach, for the benefit of our clients. We are committed to offering the stability of ongoing banking relationships.

We are invested in our corporate culture.

We believe that a strong, sustainable, and ethical corporate culture is crucial to achieving long term success. It has been shown time and again that firms with a strong, productive culture reap many benefits. Such firms achieve superior financial performance, have more satisfied clients, and provide a more rewarding place for employees to work.

Environmental and Social Risk Management.

We apply a robust risk framework to all of our transactions, products, services and activities in order to identify and manage environmental and social risks faced by our clients' and our firm. This is enhanced by our stringent due diligence process which identifies and assesses any environmental and social risks associated with a particular client, partner, or transaction.